The F3 Club ends on a high

Posted on September 9, 2018 6:16 pm

The F3 Club ends on a high

Last weekend felt very much like the end of summer, with overnight temperatures plummeting and the final session of our F3 kids club.

And what a day it turned out to be, our first junior regatta followed by a barbeque, a full carpark and over 50 children, parents and helpers enjoying sun and a burger bun on the club lawns.

I was volunteered into the intergenerational race by Finn, (which, having found my skill level amongst pre-teens, we won!) and so felt no guilt when clearing the charcoaled sausages at close of play. Ballast is a very important sailing asset.

F3 (fast, fun and FREE) was conceived as a junior sailing club last year, and despite being a horrid year for storms, it proved such a success that the Club, under Imogen and Richard’s helm, decided to repeat it.

This year’s climate could be from another Country, losing almost no ‘watertime’ to Mother Nature’s mood swings and heatstroke regularly outranking hypothermia on the risk assessments.

Four RS Fevas joined a growing fleet, adding spinnaker spills and thrills for more advanced youngsters. It often felt as though their enthusiasm and thirst for excitement outpaced the energy and courage of the trainers.

But it was not all about speed and skill. ‘Walk the plank’ and ‘sink the Pico’ proved just as entertaining – the young relish any opportunity to be dunked.

Almost 300 ‘participations’, (as the funders define success), and fifteen more youngsters qualified to RYA youth sailing level one or two. Now, for a voluntary club, dependant on climatic co-operation, that’s a high five in anyone’s book.

F3 attendance numbers also helped the Club achieve its five year Sport England targets well ahead of schedule. We’re rapidly running out of things to wish for.

24 hour race at Southport next weekend. We are sending a team in a 50 yr old wooden boat which only a few days ago had big holes in. It could be interesting!