The final fling on Virtual Regatta

Posted on March 24, 2021 7:29 pm

The final fling on Virtual Regatta

With the prospect of real sailing on the horizon the club e-sailors got together for one final virtual session before the start of the season proper. Our ‘star’ e-sailor 6572, could not be present for the first two races as he was attending a Regional Training Group meeting. There was much feigned “tut tutting” and mutterings of “O, what a shame”, but secretly everyone was thinking that this was their chance to win. When he eventually joined us for the third race 6572 admitted that the RTG meeting had been about protests and how to make them. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that Virtual Regatta has no protest mechanism.

Wavey and IanY12 took advantage of the absence of 6572 to win the first two races, but Phantomant and Strummer posted commendable second places. Skippy14 is very pleased with his green socks, and continues to tell us when he is wearing them and when they have gone missing or turned red. It was though Elcarim who recorded the most memorable achievement of the evening; he completed an entire series of races without his internet connection dropping! That included a sixth place in race two, Elcarim’s highest finish of the year. Well done.

Race three produced the most exciting finish of the night with Luney edging out Jch723 by just one pixel whilst Phantomant was just a tenth of a second further back.

In the fifth race Luney threw away a potential series win when, lying in fourth place at the half way mark, he completely lost his bearings and rounded the downwind mark the wrong way. By the time he realised his mistake and retraced his course he was back in last place.

Meanwhile 6572 who had finished second in race four was back to winning ways and claimed race five.

So the Final Fling was claimed by IanY12, with Luney second and Phantomant third.

Virtual Regatta has helped keep a number of us sane during lockdown. It has enabled us to maintain friendships and brush up our sailing knowledge and ‘skills’. It has provided us with endless fun, and promoted the club through social media and press releases, and in our Club Champion sailor, 6572, given us national and even international coverage.

Hopefully next winter we won’t be in lockdown but I can foresee that the Teesdale SWC virtual sailing series will be back!