The January Sails

Posted on January 21, 2021 6:13 pm

The January Sails

Wow! An IED went off during the January Sails on Tuesday. Yes, we had Incidents a plenty, lots of Excitement and even a Disqualification.

First of all there was a problem with the Comms. The Zoom invite didn’t work and a second one had to be sent out. That required a postponement flag to be sent up for the first race. It then took a while for everyone to get back on the start line. We had just got the race underway when Elcarim phoned in. It was suggested that he join in with the second race, but he was never seen again. I do hope that he is OK.

There were a number of perplexing rule adjudications by the race committee. Sailors were complaining that the windward rule was being given precedence over the opposing tacks rule, and jch723 was given 30 second penalty when there no other boats anywhere near him.

There was plenty of excitement with some very close finishes, many of which seemed to involve 6572. Some were down to fractions of a second.

The final race was in the superfast Nacra 17 boat. This proved to be a bit of a handful. To start with the course was very different to the usual one that we have been sailing, so there was a lot of confusion off the start. Luney crashed into the committee boat and was disqualified, and there were lots of shouts of ‘where’s the mark?’ and ‘where are we supposed to be going?’, but it all resolved itself in the end with Toby winning that final race. I don’t think we will be using the Nacra 17 next week.

So IanY12 took first place on the night, but there are another five races next week to determine the series winner who will earn the right to represent the club in the regional finals next month.