The plough-master helps tame the Bahia

Posted on July 19, 2016 6:16 pm

The plough-master helps tame the Bahia

Next Sunday is our last open day of the year. For a donation of a fiver to club coffers, visitors can take to the water with one of our experienced sailors and sample the marrow of life on the edge. Or even over the edge as occasionally happens.

So if you have ever wondered what it’s like to harness Mother Nature and feel her claw at the bridle, pack a spare pair of pants and come along for a go.

Last Sunday had 4s gusting up to 6 at Grassholme. Weather, which a couple of years ago would have resulted in a Rich Tea dunking competition, now draws the young thrill seekers and the plainly past it alike.

DaveT, keen to try trapezeing, proved that even a fully rigged Bahia can be tamed with a stout enough plough-master. And plough we did, especially when he took an unplanned swing round the stays worthy of Barnum.

Lots of spinnaker action and only one or two swims in the asymmetrics. Keith and John in the Miracle just keep on maturing like vintage port, although they can’t resist a ‘Starboard’ given the chance.

We are gradually coming to terms with an action camera and clips will be posted on the web-site soon. Something to do whilst waiting for a Pokeman to appear.

Is it just me, or is wandering around collecting imaginary aliens something we used to lock people away for?

Chris Dauber