The racing season starts here – we think!

Posted on June 14, 2015 12:00 am

The racing season starts here – we think!

Shout it from the rooftops!

Teesdale actually hosted some sail racing on Sunday, the first in a year plagued by disobliging weather.

The predicted force 5’s, cold and rain were bound to stunt the fleet, but seven boats took to the water including the Phantom (that is the dinghy, not a boys own character), new youngster Adam in a club Pico and Mary who had completed our RYA training course last season.

I didn’t see much of the racing because my focus was more on horizontal preservation, (failed) but there is no doubt that the other boats navigated a course because I heard the final horn at least three times.

A pursuit race, where boats start at intervals according to their Portsmouth Yardstick number, proved inconclusive after there was some confusion over start timings.  I understand that Richard took the honours in the other races, calmly harnessing climatological forces in a way only a geography Master could master.

Early drizzle soon dried up and the day remained overcast and cool.  The forecast 4 to 5’s never materialised and a near perfect 3 reigned all day.

Ideal conditions for a first proper solo outing in my Vago, spinnaker and all.  Only two capsizes and a marvellous opportunity to practice righting the tippy rig in moderate winds. Surprisingly exhausting for a 50 something that sits in front of a computer most of the week, much more satisfying and a good deal cheaper than a gym.

On Saturday we are hosting the North East Young Travellers Series racing.  No caravans or cobs, just fibreglass, neoprene and adrenalin supplied by our regions finest young sailors.

Free parking and a nice cup of tea for anyone interested in cheering them on.

Chris Dauber