Time-out from electioneering to play OOD

Posted on May 1, 2017 3:51 pm

Time-out from electioneering to play OOD

‘Forecasting 5 to 6 so don’t get blathered’, I text Jon on Saturday night. The ‘too late’ response was tongue in cheek, but it could have helped explain a terrible performance.

Sunday saw a good turnout with visitor Cornwall Jon crewing the Vago, ChrisMc taking time out from electioneering to play OOD, and Nigel vacating his death bed to be SBO.

As the boats lined up however, it became apparent that many had discovered urgent land-based tasks when confronted by the turbulent conditions. Non the less, four boats crossed the start line into unusual and difficult South-Easterlies, sorry, North Easterlies, no, Southerlies, no….I give up!

For non-sailors it can be difficult to understand why wind shifts cause such problems, but if you have ever carried a pane of glass in a high wind, you will have an idea, and similarly knotted innards.

Try holding your palm out of the car window at 20mph (as a passenger, I obviously need to add these days), then turn the flat of your hand across the airflow. Now grow your hand up to the 10 sq meters of sail a dinghy carries, (or 20 with spinni), and you should understand why I spent so much time sucking fish-food.

Post lunch the winds rose and only septuagenarian Keith kept his mast dry. Paul’s count was two in a screaming laser, whilst James, having broken the Solo and joined me, came in third with three. I managed six.

Now, counting capsize recoveries is not a traditional measure of success, but hauling yourself and rig out of cold water is a more worthy Olympic sport than some.

Open day coming up on Sunday 20th. All ages welcome and the more adventurous should bring a towel.

Chris Dauber