Too long a winter!

Posted on April 3, 2018 7:06 am

Too long a winter!

‘‘Too long a winter’’

was the title of the first Hannah Hauxwell documentary, set over the hill in Baldersdale.

It is also, in the year of Hannah’s demise, a fitting description of the passing season which seems very reluctant to make way for Spring.

A storm smashed safetyboat, frozen and split water pipes, lost buoys, mud to the elbows and, apparently, a moles winter jamboree in the boat park.

Easter Sunday was billed as the first racing day of the season, but late snows had delayed working parties, so the fittingly titled Icebraker series was deferred until another time.

We did get to sail, checking out the club boats and listing shortages and defect in order that the year can get underway without the usual rummaging and chuntering when conditions are too good to spend an hour in the undercroft.

But my, it was cold.

2 degrees at 10am must surely improve, but no, by close of business the mercury had dropped a degree and there were black fingers and toes promised to a casserole.

Light winds with a few breezy bits to keep us awake, but nothing to warm the drysuit innards.

In past years Easter Monday was a popular addition to the calendar, but with serious snow forecast, not this one.

Role on spring.