Training recruits sample racing as Dave returns to give the rib an airing!

Posted on August 16, 2015 12:00 am

Training recruits sample racing as Dave returns to give the rib an airing!

Sailing report Sunday 16th August 15.

It’s a funny thing. When you’re baking in 38 degrees in the Med’ you long for a Teesdale summer but as soon as you are home you wonder why your ancestors passed up the opportunity to migrate while they owned most of the world.

Sunday’s sailing was conducted in typical Teesdale weather, pleasant enough with periods of sun, but about ten degrees cooler than the point where dry-suit wearers risk having seasoning and a sliver of garlic slipped in with them.

The club ran another RYA dinghy training course over the weekend with all four candidates duly certified level two by close of play. As we now boast six qualified instructors within the membership there was no shortage of guidance, just wind!

Perhaps it was the promise of light winds that triggered one of the highest turnouts of the summer, with over twenty boats launched. I didn’t count the number involved in racing although I can’t claim to have been busy.

If you remember the slow bike race from sports day, you will have an idea of just how exhilarating racing a dinghy in no wind can be. The pro’s tweak control lines, making miniscule changes to sneak an extra few millimetres. For the rest of us, we just chuntered about the conditions, enjoyed not having to do house chores, and looked forward to the next big blow.

Returner Dave, who was supposed to retire from sailing last year, was unable to sail due to a bad back. That did not stop him flying around in the big RIB giving the beginners wise advice and creating waves big enough to annoy the racing pro’s. You can take the sailor off the water but you can’t keep him dry.

A nice day out where nobody capsized, and where we all wished for a bit more.

Chris Dauber
Teesdale Sailing Club

Sunday was one of those days where you felt everyone taking to the water was having a good time, in their own way. Lots of smiling faces, lots of chat, a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone going away having achieved something.

Roll on Wednesday when we start again at 2pm hoping for the promised 20 degrees, sunshine and a steady force 4 wind from the south.