Use of Club Boats

Posted on September 1, 2017 9:07 am by Mr Captain

Use of Club Boats

As we are increasing club members and most new members are making use of club boats, we need to think about how these boats are allocated.

Whilst we develop a procedure for club boat use, please note these temporary rules:

Reserving a boat

Club boats can be reserved on a first come first served basis by sending an email to The date and time of the email determines priority. The email must include your name, boat required and the start and end time of use.

Boats may not be reserved more than 10 days ahead nor after 22:00 on the day prior to intended use. So, if you want a boat on Sunday, the latestest reservation time is 22:00 on Saturday night.

Reservations will be recorded on the website on the specific event page.

We will try and display a list of reservations in the clubhouse on the day of use. However, the website will hold the master list.

Priorites and club boat use

If club events are taking place, priority use will be granted to that event (mainly training).

The OOD for the day will resolve any disputes and his decision will be binding on all club members.

Reserved boats remaining unclaimed more than 15 minutes after the requested start time may, be used by other club members with the agreement of the OOD.

Members reserving boats and not claiming them will be recorded and may be prevented from reserving a boat in the future. If you are not able to claim a reserved boat, email before 22:00 on the day prior to the reservation date.

Paying for club boat use

Unless you have pre-paid for club boat use, please deposit the payment due in an envelope and place in the cash box.

Members who pre-pay for boat use may use “spare” boats without additional costunless they are required by another member.


Member co-operation and fairness is critical to an effective boat use procedure. Please pay your part and everyone will benefit.

Please send any suggestions for improving your club boat use rules to