Visit by MP, Dehenna Davison

Posted on August 3, 2020 5:55 pm

Visit by MP, Dehenna Davison

Members of the committee met with Dehenna Davison the MP for Bishop Auckland.

Her visit to the club (which lies within her constituency) was to find out about what we do and our plans for the future.

Dehenna spent nearly two hours looking at our facilities and learning about how we deliver sailing as a community sports club in Teesdale.

She was able to see our fleet of training boats and view the recently constructed shed and changing rooms, and how we hope to construct a new building at the foot of the boat park to house our safety boats.

Dehenna could also appreciate our current difficulties with low water levels whilst work on the dam and spillways progresses.

Having climbed back to the top of the boat park Dehenna could understand how the new low level boat park and slipway will improve our access to the water.

After a tour of the site a discussion in the clubhouse ranged across topics such as how we provide low cost sailing to youngsters and families.

Dehenna was keen to hear how our development plan would increase participation and fully appreciated that a new clubhouse would be an integral part of the club’s growth as a watersports club. We invited Dehenna back for a sail next year, and she in turn promised to help facilitate our development where possible.

RNH 3/8/20