You don't need to be a member to participate in our water sport activities. However, we are not a business and nor do we have a reception desk - everything is run by our members and volunteers.

Below are some ways in which you can join in but please note that we are restricted by our lease, insurance terms and safety considerations.

Open Days

Open Days are where members of the public can come along have a go at sailing with an experienced member.

You will have to take your turn and be prepared to get a little wet!

Open Days are free of charge, although we do request a small donation to help us pay for the fuel needed to provide your safety cover!

See What’s On for dates of Open Days.


Sail Taster Sessions

These sessions are for people who want a basic introduction to sailing, ideal for finding out if sailing is for you or as a refresher after a period of sailing absence.

They provide a relaxed, fun sail taster session where you can learn the basics of sailing with an experienced helm.

Sail taster sessions are arranged as required on an individual basis and typically last for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

We don’t have a specific charge for Sail Taster Sessions but simply request a suggested donation of £10.00 per person, if you enjoyed your experience.



Day Sailing and other Water sports

All visitors must be pre-arranged and confirmed at least 24 hours in advance
Registration is mandatory for all water users, before going afloat.


Visitors with their own equipment

Before you can use our water it is essential that:

  • You register your craft and water users.
  • You pay any fees due.
  • You have adequate insurance.
  • Your craft is seaworthy and can pass a buoyancy test.
  • You are able to handle your equipment in a competent manner.
  • You understand and accept all safety provisions and agree to stay within the permitted area.

After registration you will be allocated a space for your craft, which you may use during the day.


Visitors without equipment

If you want to come along and have a go at sailing, we recommend that you book a sail taster session.

Qualified and competent sailors may hire one of the club boats (subject to availability).


Visitor Fees

During 2019, we do not charge a fee for non-members to participate in water sport activities (subject to change in 2020).

However, we do ask you to consider making a donation towards the cost of us providing this opportunity.

A donation of £10.00 per adult and £5.00 per child is suggested.

See TDSWC Charity Documents and Forms page.