Wake up gusts and stunning sunshine greet sailors

Posted on May 1, 2017 3:43 pm

Wake up gusts and stunning sunshine greet sailors

When I were a lad, a great day out included an hour in the rowing boats of Keswick.

Halcion days, which still pump endorphins when I glimpse those clinker hulls from the hellish traffic of the Lake District. If sailing clubs had been more accessible, affordable, or welcoming then, who knows what might have happened.

Certainly, I would not be consistently last in the Spring Series, and hopefully fit enough to actually bend the knees on the trapeze or drag my frame out of the water after a capsize.

Sunday at Grassholme was much better than forecast. An early meeting of Sailing Instructors promised interesting racing, but as the elite filtered away to other commitments, opportunities for lesser mortals appeared to grow.

Seven boats cast off in late morning into force 3s with wake up gusts, and stunning sunshine.

Stand-in race officer Paul set a course of three gybes and plenty of reaching – the fastest point of sail, and the least stable turn. This should have favoured performance boats like mine and indeed, the Laser of James stormed ahead pursued by a frequently overpowered Phantom.

My excuse (this week) was having seen a part torn trapeze wire, the prospect of a full-on reverse somersault was not appealing, so just getting round upright became ‘ordre de jour’.

After lunch Poppy and Rosie added to the mix, with Poppy ably Oppy’ing in the growing winds while Rosie took a brief bath with Richard.

That Mr H managed a full-on capsize is reassuring to those of us with a triple score in the same conditions.

If an AI is ob then I might be OK!

As the year progresses and the water warms, the attendance of more youth wanting to Carpe Diem is eagerly anticipated, by those of us whose joints regret not doing so sooner.

Chris Dauber