We are now a Charity

Posted on April 11, 2016 8:52 am

We are now a Charity

We held an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) yesterday (10th April 2016) and voted unanimously to move from CASC status to the charity “Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club”.

It took a long time but hopefully the club will now be able to capitalise on the change, which removes the shackles imposed by the new CASC rules. Whilst we were not in breach of the new rules, there was no certain way to ensure that this would be the case in the future.

Our constitution did not have a clause to the effect that “people cannot become members unless they promised to turn out 12 times a year” and to have such a clause would be in breach of the CASC conditions anyway!

There are, of course, charitable obligations to meet but these do not seem too onerous and charitable status does seem to fit better the way in which we run our club.

The website and all of the club documentation and contacts now need to be updated so it might take a bit of time for this to be completed.