What makes a good Open Day?

Posted on May 22, 2017 6:36 am

What makes a good Open Day?

Saturday was our open day. With rain, cold, high winds and a shortage of volunteers, why wouldn’t it have been?

It turned into one of the best I can remember. Fifteen volunteer members, one still in his hospital gown, readied for the invasion, and get our visitors afloat.

With hardly a breath of wind, Imogen and Tony sallied forth for a shakedown, thinking ‘this is going to be easy’. Then the wind accelerated to a bracing force 4 and life changed.

White horses mean fun – but you need to be wide awake.

On shore, the first lambs (sorry visitors) arrived and boarded the fully rigged Bahias. The first sorties went really well. Then they didn’t.
The key objective of an open day is to allow visitors taste the adrenalin, but not the fish-food.


The gust was relentless and inverted a Bahia in seconds. Still smiling our visitors were dragged from the water by one of the safety boats whilst the red-faced crew dealt with the unruly craft.

For 4 hours we sailed visitors – young, old, middlings, pregnant, and even two from Atlanta Georgia, where, apparently, it was rainy.

We heard screams of delight from the young, saw beaming smiles from the not so young and generally, a jolly time was had by all. We even had a game couple hanging off the trapeze wires, fully extended over the sides. They looked like they never wanted to return to land, although a change of trousers was needed after some less than adequate counter-balancing by their hosts.

Lots of potential members, but the only signer was one we didn’t take on the water. A lesson perhaps?

Open Days come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but this one was unique. It was a cracker – we all slept well that night!

Sailors forget their problems by focusing on what they are doing – it cleanses the brain (metaphorically and physically) and puts life into perspective.

Active Yoga for adrenalin junkies is a good description so why not give it a go?


Note: With 30 Staindrop cubs due on Wednesday lets hope things a a little quieter.