Young Max just pipped in Regional Rib Challenge

Posted on August 28, 2018 5:33 pm

Young Max just pipped in Regional Rib Challenge

The RYA Honda Youth RIB Challenge is sponsored by a Japanese engine manufacturer, whose name escapes me, and every year two lucky clubs each win a brand new RIB and outboard engine in return for selling their souls to the marketing section of the aforementioned unmemorable.

The entire Nation is involved, running masses of heats and regional finals with the final finals down in boating mecca on the South Coast.

The competition focuses on control skills combined with speed, including slalom and reversing sections.

Northumberland’s nearest club had 30 children coached and whittled down for the Regional final, so I can be as rude as I like about corporate marketing because Teesdale’s little club, with limited resources and no course to practice the skills, is never going to feature on the rostrum.

Unfortunately, young Max of Staindrop had different ideas, and on Saturday took part in the North East Finals on Scammonden reservoir – the one by the M62 motorway – achieving a stunning second place.

The position is even more significant because Max has only just turned ten and the winner and third placed boys in the 8-12 age group were both pushing 13.

A video of his run can be seen HERE.

Max started sailing only last year at Grassholme in our F3 club. Part of the curriculum involves learning basic skills in the safety boats, (not RIBS) and Max excelled enough to suggest trying the Challenge.

He had very little extra coaching from the Club instructors, with no slalom or ‘flip the ring’ facility, so either he is naturally brilliant or we have great powerboat instructors.

Answers on a postcard please! And I love Hondas…

It was the end of summer BBQ at F3 on Saturday, and Sunday certainly felt like end of summer.


Click image to see video