2020 Work Party (Mar-22)

When: Sunday 22nd March, 2020
From around 10:30

2020 Work Party (Mar-22) General Events

Where: Grassholme Reservoir


VOL zzz Volunteer
VOL Paul Davison
VOL Peter Bell
VOL James Bell
VOL Keith Martin
VOL John Whitehouse
VOL Richard Lundie
VOL Paul Barkley
VOL Deborah Waggett
VOL Steve Waggett
  • Put Rib and big YAK on moorings

  • Deploy some marker buoys – bias westward as number 1 should reappear!

  • Erect junior changing rooms

  • Put small YAK in trailer park for now (awaiting shed 2)

  • Take measurements to add security locks on two Yak engines (insurance requirement when on land)

Re the yaks we changed the oil filters and oil, gapped and cleaned all spark plugs, cleaned out the fuel filters, installed the batteries and started the engines using a muffle on the water inlets. The starter motor on the large yak stayed on after ignition, but not for long and was ok the second time; one to watch. On the rib we gapped and cleaned the spark plugs and topped up the oil tank. I’ll buy some water impellers and some marine grease as these are also due for replacement. Ian y