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Home / News / Club Sailing 23/05/21
Home / News / Club Sailing 23/05/21

Club Sailing 23/05/21

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Published 19:28 on 25 May 2021

We were blessed with very sporting winds on Sunday. A slightly slow start out of the car park, changed into an almost Le Mans style frenetic activity by the time we saw the wind - the lake was calling and we were keen to answer. The briefest of checks of the race course and away we go.

Some seemed to take the whole race thing to another level, checking their boat was sparkling clean whilst out on the water ... including a quick wash of the sail ... and themselves. At least I assume that's the reason.

In fairness, it's not often you can be on a beam reach one moment and head to wind the next (that's 90 degrees to the wind and then zero). It led to some extraordinary sailing conditions.

James had a quick blast in the Phantom before lunch and came in with quite a grin ... that boat just does that... says Phantomant in a totally unbiased way.

By the afternoon races however, an even briefer check of the course and we thought we had it sussed ... a pretty decent start from Phantomant almost immediately got replaced by the boat stopping dead. And it just didn't find any wind to move forward. What was happening. The fleet raced past ably led a very relaxed and nippy Laser. The Phantom finally weighed anchor and moved on. James at the front of the fleet was absolutely flying ... and clearly enjoying himself so much, that the course was very much secondary to actual sailing. Having neatly led the remainder of the fleet to the top of the lake, he realised someone might notice the first mark was missed ... Phantomant couldn't believe his luck! Despite this, the Laser redoubled efforts and ended the race just seconds behind the Phantom ... the handicap definitely notched the Phantom down the rankings, still shaking his head wondering where it went wrong.

A great day out - some sore muscles that got quite a workout and the certain knowledge that the wind will do exactly as it wants

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Last updated 21:23 on 25 May 2021

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